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maxwelld's pin-ups
tribute to glamour and fashion models
Snejana Onopka a.k.a. Zhanna: Paparazzi 03-04/2007 <- Hegre Archives 01/2003 
8th-Apr-2007, Sunday at 16:00 |

Snejana Onopka (Снежана Онопка) in March-April/2007 issue №25 of Russian tabloid Paparazzi (ПАПАРАZZИ). Allegedly the picture shows Snejana at the age of 17 before she became a successful high fashion model know for her pin-thin body. Naturally, any kind of info would be much appreciated.

It appears that the picture above is from January/2003 Herge Archives [wiki] issue probably photographed by Luba Shumeyko-Herge. "Zhanna" appeared in a few Herge publications around that time, including "Serious Zhanna" and "Marsha and Zhanna".

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5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 05:40 | (UTC)
лицо у нее здесь - тети не меньше лет 25, а тело девичье, аккурат на свои 17)
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 15:51 | (UTC)
Ты видела как она последние годы выглядит? - что-то быстро и серьезно она исхудала...
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 10:00 | (UTC)
I don't know anything about her, but I found this great fansite:


Maybe someone there would know?
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 16:13 | (UTC)
Bringing this kind of questionable content to the fan site is generally not a good idea :)
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 10:06 | (UTC)
сейчас она со своей "изюминкой" во внешности, к сожалению, это сутулость...
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 16:16 | (UTC)
Я нынешнего повального увлечения Онопкой, если честно, особо не разделяю...
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 14:54 | (UTC) - metart
It's from metart. there are full nudes too

Btw, do you intend to fix the imagehigh
links? they are not working anymore
5th-Apr-2007, Thursday at 16:11 | (UTC) - Re: metart
Hmmm, Metart? Do you know under which name did she appear there - "Snejana"? The year is presumably 2003 or 2004?

> Btw, do you intend to fix the imagehigh links?
Eventually. I'll be fixing them on one-by-one basis, though.
Re: metart - Anonymous - Expand
Re: metart - Anonymous - Expand
7th-Apr-2007, Saturday at 23:48 | (UTC)
та ладно, это же не она. )
8th-Apr-2007, Sunday at 14:58 | (UTC)
Я тоже так думал, но меня почти убедили...
8th-Apr-2007, Sunday at 08:56 | (UTC)
You're right, I didn't contact that fan site. I found a thread to her on PeachyForum under "Zhanna"


and this link is very revealing and she smokes!

21st-Apr-2007, Saturday at 15:26 | (UTC)
чо за отвратные снимки?:))))

не нра телка.
23rd-Apr-2007, Monday at 17:35 | (UTC)
Снимала Люба Шумейко, все претензии к ней :)
12th-Jun-2007, Tuesday at 18:10 | (UTC)
Она просто ужасна-) Спасибо за фотографии, прям настроение весь этот зоопарк поднял. Поражаюсь непрофессионализму фотографа. Все-таки эта Люба Шумейко - не Стивен Мейзел.
12th-Jun-2007, Tuesday at 21:12 | (UTC)
Нет, это точно не Рио-де-Жанейро (с) Люба по крупному счету не фотограф, а модель замужем за фотографом (тоже не ахти каким), через что ее периодически и подпускают к фотоаппарату с другой стороны.
29th-Jan-2008, Tuesday at 08:03 | (UTC) - Zhanna
Obviously Very Cute, and will be for years to come.
19th-Feb-2008, Tuesday at 18:48 | (UTC)
there is no doubt in my mind that is snejana 100%.. it just shows you how she is a huge liar for always saying that she is naturally thin.. photos here clearly show that's not the case! im not saying she's fat in these pics but definitely a lot bigger than she is now.. LIAR
19th-Feb-2008, Tuesday at 19:11 | (UTC)
Of course she's not telling the truth, what would you expect her to say? -- That she's always hungry and cocaine is the only thing that keeps her going? :)
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