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maxwelld's pin-ups
tribute to glamour and fashion models
photography by Max Sauco 
28th-Apr-2007, Saturday at 19:59 |
[ via MaxSauco @PhotoSight ] | [ x-posted herr_0berst ]

(i) Kalī Yuga; (ii) My Pushkin: Illustration to Pushkin's Tales; (iii) Perfunctory Attempt of Introspection on the Threshold;

(i) Certain Thoughts About a Solar Eclipse; (ii) Darwin and Freud as the Greatest Dissapointment; (iii) Three Sisters;

"The Bride" series

"Fingers" series

(i) Black Moon; (ii) Terra Female; (iii) Pygmalion's Taboo; (iv) Black Pygmalion; (v) Skin;

(i) Mamma; (ii) Evgraph-boy
29th-Apr-2007, Sunday at 11:19 | (UTC)
интересные работы
12th-Sep-2007, Wednesday at 17:13 | (UTC) - congrats
man, i really love your galleries, i am wordless to express the way i feel about them and the way they make me feel...awesome work. i've been searchin' for more of your galleries...
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